Originally from Chester, Jade Linfield is a creative mind who is not scared to push herself and her boundaries when it comes to her lifestyle and practise. Her work is inspired and based around the experience she has come across in life as well as being heavily influenced on the media's and photographic theories. 

Jade is a portrait photographer from who's practise is based on the theme of the representation of women and the issues that are created by the media in the way that women feel they must look. The media's are a powerful and intoxicating mediums which can effect the lives of everyone everyday, especially when it comes to self representation and our ideals of beauty. This project was a way for her to voice her concern through the practice of photography to help educate and make people aware of the power that the medias have. Being a young 20 something female in the 21st century Jade has used all she has learnt about feminist theory and put it into practice through her portrait based performances.

She uses the human body in an objectifying manor to display and present the issues that she is preforming in her pieces. Not afraid of the opinions of the viewer Linfield created these series based on what it is like to be a woman in the 21st century.  


BA (Hons) Photography, Falmouth Univeristy 2014-2017


Young Artists in Tuscany, 2013


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